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Interview With Dr Rosanee Valyasevi, one of Thailand’s leading Endocrinologists currently working at Bumrungrad Hospital.
January 01, 2019
Dr Rosanee Valyasevi Endocrinologists
Interview With Dr Rosanee Valyasevi, one of Thailand’s leading Endocrinologists currently working at Bumrungrad Hospital.
Dr Rosanee Valyasevi’s Credentials:
 Medical School:
- M.D., Faculty of Medicine (First Class Honor), Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand, 1988
Board Certifications:
- Diploma of The Thai Board of Internal Medicine, 1992
- Diplomate of The American Board of Internal Medicine, 2003
- Diplomate of The American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, 2004, Recertified 2014
- Endocrinology, Howard University Hospital, Washington District of Columbia, USA, 1993-1995
- Endocrinology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota, USA, 1997-2000
Special Clinical Interests:
- Thyroid Diseases, Parathyroid and Calcium disorders
Why did you specialize in Endocrinology?
When I graduated from Medical School in 1988, there was at that time very few medical specialists in Thailand in the field of Endocinology plus I saw the growing number of patients with diabetes, thyroid problems and other hormonal disorders. I decide that it was the field that I wanted to specialize in to help patients and that took me another 8 years to specialize in hat filed including 7 years of fellowships and trainings in prestigious medical establishments in the United States.
What challenges do Endocrinologists face?
Medical advances and technology changes so fast nowadays that doctors must keep updating their knowledge and follow developments constantly. Another challenge is to get patients to adhere and follow treatment protocols rigidly for their own  well being and  overall health improvement. For example Diabetes is a chronic disease requiring ongoing monitoring and treatments. Therefore patients must cooperate to ensure that the treatment is effective and conditions are improving if not at least stabilized. To provide the best treatment protocol. I need to gather patient’s medical history and assess their lifestyle conditions. Using necessary diagnostic results of the patient, I develop a treatment plan, keeping in mind medication side effects. It is important to let patient ask questions. I tell them I will do my best to treat them, together with their help, to avoid complications such as heart  disease or amputation. Most of the patients do understand and are cooperative.

What case impressed you the most?
It was not a patient in the Endocrinology Department, but rather a foreigner of about 18 or 19 years of age who was involved in a car accident in Southern Thailand. He had hemophilia, causing life-threatening hemoperitoneum (internal organ bleeding). Because there was no coagulation treatment in the provincial hospital, he bled after surgery, leading to shock and cardiac arrest. The patient’s relatives in the USA contacted Mayo Clinic in the US, and through its worldwide network of alumni, they contacted me for assistance.

It was a Saturday evening; we sent an air ambulance to transfer the patient to the emergency room. After 45minutes, nine specialists saw him , including doctors specializing in intensive care, heart disease, hemophilia, kidney disease, infectious diseases, and surgery. With the success of the multidisciplinary team approach, he was able to safety travel back to the United States, demonstrating Bumrungrad’s readiness to provide life-saving, integrated care to patients who urgently need our help.

What is it like working at Bumrungrad?
 Bumrungrad has the latest technology and a highly skilled medical workforce to implement them. More importantly, we function as a team to solve patient’s problems as quickly and smoothly as possible. Which makes it easier for us to deliver high-quality care.

For arrange for an appointment, please contact Bumrungrad Hospital at 02-0112222 or email:
Dr Rosanee Valyasevi Endocrinologists
Bumrungrad Hospital
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